How To: Visual Note Style Illustrations

Ever wondered what kind of preparation goes into creating our in-house illustrations? Artists often have pages of pre-sketches done before they ever set pen to paper on a final illustration.

When we set out to create an illustration for a client, first we break down the content into it’s most important points. Then we’ll do several rough sketches, and pick the best one. We’ll flesh that sketch out a little bit more, decided exactly what pieces of content go where, how big they’ll be, and we’ll brainstorm how to visually represent them.

Then, we’ll do research on the visual style we want for that particular piece. In these sketches, you can see that Alison was experimenting with a certain font she wanted to use for this illustration, as well as the shape of the glass terrarium, and how she wanted to draw and color the succulents inside.

Then it’s time to ink and color, and viola! (After a few edit cycles) a single frame illustration is born.