The visual note-taking community is a bit bigger (and younger) at the Golden Apple Foundation

We had the distinct pleasure to collaborate with the Golden Apple Foundation to create visual notes of the history of the foundation during the 22nd Annual Celebration of Excellence in Teaching as well as jotting down little blurbs about each of the 32 recipients.
Before we kicked off the session, we invited a handful of eager kids to do some hands-on learning about what Ink Factory is all about.
We laid out a hefty sheet of foamboard, a handful of markers and a quick crash course in visual note-taking. Needless to say, when we turned around to check up on their progress, we were BLOWN AWAY!! Check out the creative use of text and visuals to represent the history of the Golden Apple! We couldn’t stop smiling! Congratulations to our fantastic team of young scribes and to all of the teachers honored! A BIG thank you to our team: David, Ellie, Julia, Samantha, Bella and Peyton!