Think Like Ink workshop during Chicago Ideas Week

Whiteboard with drawings about graphic recording

Each year, we host two very special workshops during Chicago Ideas Week; the CIW YOU(th) Lab and the public CIW Lab. We like to call our workshop Think Like Ink. It’s a chance to step into our world of graphic recording (aka, visual note-taking). During the 3 hour workshop guests are immersed in the tips, tricks, and techniques we use everyday as we help companies solve problems, work through brainstorming sessions, and elevate the conference experience. From listening and the visual language, to handwriting and typography, our Think Like Ink workshop educates participants with the foundational knowledge to start creating notes in a visual format – no matter what their artistic skill level may be.

Attendees of the Chicago Ideas workshop gather around the studio whiteboard

For the public Chicago Ideas Lab, we had over 25 attendees from all walks of life come to learn, develop, and test out their visual note-taking skills. One of the great aspects of becoming a Chicago Ideas member is that you get priority access to all of the Labs hosted around the city. Our Think Like Ink Lab always sells out fast and these luck people got lucky! It’s always energizing to share over 35 years of combined graphic recording experience with a range of people who either have never tried it to those who have realized taking visual notes just “clicks” for them. Did you know, we remember 80 percent of what we see and do, 10 percent of what we hear, and 20 percent of what we read? It’s true! Check out our post on The Powerful Science Behind Visual Note-Taking to learn why this medium is a valuable tool to retain and recall informations

Workshop employees practice visual note-taking white an Ink Factory artist demonstrates

Workshop attendees practice graphic recording on the whiteboard and in their sketchbooks

One of our most favorite group to experience our Think Like Ink workshop is the Chicago Ideas YOU(th) students. This special group of inquisitive minds get exposed to our methodology that merges the art and science of visual note-taking. Often times, doodling or drawing during class is frowned upon. Our aim in having them learn our tips & tricks is that they’ll carry this knowledge back to their classroom in order to improve how they stay engaged with their classwork and be able to retain and recall vital information.

Chicago Ideas Lab attendees draw on whiteboards to practice visual notes at Ink Factory's studio in Chicago

YOU(th) is a unique program that provides 500 high school students from at-risk communities in Chicago direct access to Chicago Ideas Week programming, the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of companies and organizations, and a direct pipeline to our globally recognized speakers for more intimate small group interactions. The goal of the CIW YOU(th) program is to empower students to seek new opportunities, pursue their passions and walk away with a newly inspired outlook and sense of their own potential.

A group photo of the CIW YOU(th) team.

If you, or your organization, are interested in having Ink Factory custom-design a Think Like Ink workshop, contact us! We can host your team in our award-winning studio in Chicago or bring our knowledge and tools to you!