Three Things Going On In The Healthcare Industry

Visual notes from the Day 1 Keynote of HxRefactored 2017

Improving employees and customer’s health experience is top of mind for most companies today. Through human-centered design and technology, the journey through this experience is becoming more innovative, accessible, and engaging. We recently created real-time visual notes at HxRefactored, where talk was about everything related to healthcare, and how we can design a better experience. Here are our top three takeaways from this incredible two-day conference in Boston.
Visual Notes of "Tech for Aging Population"

1. Robots Will Care For You at Home

Robotics, AI and Virtual Reality are incredible tools to use in Healthcare and elderly care, and the industry is rapidly growing. RobotTecha, Mabu Wellness Coach, Grand Care Systems and CareAngel are all using technology to create a better in-home care experience by leveraging big data, but also taking strides to be more transparent with what is collected and how the data is used. Transparency creates trust, which, in turn, creates stronger relationships with consumers and patients.

Visual notes of the closing keynote at HXRefactored

2. Yoga to Reverse Polypharmacy Trends

Therapeutic Yoga can help with 100 diseases and reduce dependence on prescription drugs. Jay Gupta healed his childhood asthma through yoga practice, and now shares the power of Yoga with others through RxRelax, by training care teams to use yoga as medicine.

What we learned at HXRefeactored

3. Augmented Physicians

Clinicians are suffering burnout and regret in their choice of career at higher and higher rates. Now more than ever designers can use their skills to alleviate the burden on data overload, excessive paperwork, and help doctors improve the patient experience. Augmedix is a GoogleGlass tool that helps doctors take notes during patient visits to relieve a huge cognitive load from doctors.

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We were blown away by what the future holds for healthcare! Click through the gallery below to see all of our visual notes from the conference.