What We Learned at IFVP 2017

This throwback Thursday, Lindsay is reflecting on her top three things she learned at IFVP 2017!

The group at IFVP creates graphic recordings around the room

1. Listening for Diversity starts with “What if”

What is listening for diversity? It means making sure everyone’s voice, regardless of their experience, is represented, and leaving your personal biases behind.

Sam Bradd led our group into a safe discussion space to focus on listening for diversity in our individual practices. He told us to imagine an iceberg floating in the ocean and to think about the 90% we don’t see under the water. The group participated in a fish bowl exercise that allowed us to be both the voice and the visual practitioner, an enlightening exercise!

Visual notes from Listening for Diversity

The best two quotes from the workshop were:

“Let go of the guilt and be present in the conversation.”
“Don’t get defensive and just listen.”

Here’s a deeper dive into listening for diversity by Sam himself.

New markers from Neuland

2. There’s a new line of Neuland Markers!

 At the core of our physical tool kit is Germany-based Neuland. Their refillable and customizable marker system is the industry standard. Not only do they offer a full spectrum of color in various sizes, but they also allow the flexibility to create our own custom colors using their empty markers and ink wells.

We were so lucky to get an opportunity to take a test drive with the new line of acrylic markers during one of Neuland’s demonstrations. Renatta and Guido showed us how to properly charge the markers, how to store them and how to have fun with them. The possibilities are endless and allows for more creativity when visualizing client events in real-time.

IFVP 2017

3. Building the Visual Revolution across the pond

We had the opportunity to learn more about the European community (EuViz) and their journey thus far. To keep the visual revolution momentum going, it is important to build a strong, valuable community. Knowledge sharing is a critical piece of the roadmap to personal growth and EuViz is truly doing just that. Most important, they understand and champion the need to strengthen the connection between all of us around the world. As we look forward to EuViz 2018 in Denmark, we’re excited to keep their journey going by connecting and reconnecting with our global community.

To draw or not to draw? #Euviz2018

We also learned how to pronounce Rungstedgaard, where the conference will be taking place next year. The entire Ink Factory team can’t wait! Stay up to date with Euviz 2018 on Facebook with the hashtag #todrawornottodraw and #euviz2018.

Were you at IFVP 2017? What were your favorite moments? Will you see us in Rungstedgaard next year? Let us know on Twitter!