virtual visual note-taking

Virtual Graphic Recording

Ink Factory’s artists aren’t limited to paper and markers. Our visual notes can be created digitally and streamed anywhere in the world–wherever your audience is.

Just like traditional visual notes, drawing in meetings will help you maximize participant engagement, clarify complex concepts, generate more high-quality ideas, and keep the momentum going from your meeting for longer.

Planning a virtual meeting or event? Let’s chat about how a digital graphic recording specialist can transform your video conferencing experience.

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Graphic recording, delivered virtually

Flexible Workflow

Your artist can listen to your video conference and create visual notes live on-screen, or off-screen as a recap to send after.

Anytime, Anywhere

Since we can work remotely from our Chicago studio, there’s no travel to coordinate, and we can dial into your meeting anywhere in the world.

Instant Replay

Send a visual recap to your attendees instantly to remind them of key takeaways and highlight your next steps or action items.


“Such an interesting concept, my client's team really appreciated the new approach to the tired Zoom call!”

Tracy Henderson, Center Reach Communications

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Ready to transform your virtual events?

Example of a virtually created visual note

“Who’s gonna go back and review 3 hours of recordings? Working with you all was the perfect balance of being able to carry the work forward, and look back at the work that we’ve already achieved.”

Elicia Wilson, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

A seamless experience

Planning Consultation


Planning Consultation

We'll plan on how to best incorporate digital notes into your virtual platform.

Dedicated Team


Dedicated Team

A dedicated project manager and artist will work closely with you.


Digital Copies

You’ll get digital files you can share after your meeting ends.


Frequently Asked Questions

prep is involved?

>Your project manager will walk through your agenda with you to align on the flow, connectivity, and platform for the virtual event. We'll also work with you to identify the sessions that are most valuable to integrate our virtual visual notes. We’ll level set with you about what’s possible in your desired timeframe and let you know about how many visual notes sessions our artist(s) will be creating. Unless your content is highly technical, we do not need to dive into the presentation prior to the event, although information about the goals of each session and your organization is always helpful.

Do you draw in real-time?

Yes, we create visual notes live as the speaker is talking. When working virtually, the visual notes screen can be shared with all participants as they are drawn. There is naturally a slight delay between the content being spoken and the content being visualized. Visual notes are different from our illustrations, which are not drawn in real-time. If you need a visual to use a communication piece, they're a good way to go.

Do I get to select my artist?

We cannot reserve specific artists for events–all Ink Factory artists are rigorously trained to actively listen and synthesize a wide array of subject matter. We also ensure they continuously improve and evolve the “Ink Factory” style of visual note-taking.

Can you match my branding?

Working digitally gives us greater flexibility when creating visual notes, so we can match your branding colors and incorporate your logo in more creative ways. You can make requests through your project manager.

you talk. we draw. it’s awesome.

Bring visual note-taking to your next virtual meeting, webinar, presentation, and more.