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Two artists create live visual notes on a large mural

Live visual note-taking

Visual notes are drawings created in real-time using simple words and pictures, virtually or in-person. Having a visual note-taker at your event means that while you’re talking, we’re drawing. The result is a visual summarizing the key takeaways of your discussion.

Visual notes are great for:
  • Engaging event & webinar attendees
  • Aligning & focusing participants
  • Making your brand & content more memorable

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Virtual and Live Conferences

Event planners shine using our easy-to-integrate visual solutions.

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Presentations and Pitches

We help strategic teams and leaders boost their ROI and get their message across in a way that actually sticks.

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Internal Meetings and Initiatives

Leaders, teams, facilitators, and consultants get more value out of their initiatives with visuals.

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Live Webinars

Marketers can promote their brand and stay memorable with our engaging webinar experiences.

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Graphic recording training taking place at Ink Factory Studio

Visual thinking workshops for teams

Our custom workshops teach your team to think, communicate, and problem-solve like an artist. Our professional visual note-takers can join your team in person or virtually for a private, custom graphic recording training.

Gain invaluable communication skills like active listening, and learn to present your ideas goals, and strategies using crystal clear visuals.

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“Attendees were amazed at how well the artist captured and visualized the messages from each presenter’s session.”

Kelley Shannon, Vice President, Consumer Marketing at Bozzuto

Every event is seamless

Planning Consultation


Planning Consultation

We'll plan on how to best incorporate our services into your event.

Dedicated Team


Dedicated Team

A dedicated project manager and artist will work closely with you.


Digital Copies

Along with the original notes, you’ll get digital copies you can print and share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need the presentation ahead of time?

Our artists are skilled in the art of active listening, so receiving a presentation ahead of time is helpful for your artist to understand complex jargon, acronyms, or statistics. Your dedicated Ink Factory project manager will be able to work with you to set your artist(s) up for success.

Is visual note-taking distracting to those in the room?

Visual notes are a super engaging tool because your content is being synthesized and visualized in real-time. If anyone in the room is focused on our hand-drawn visuals, they are still connected with the content.

Do you teach workshops?

We're continually expanding our learning resources on visual thinking and note-taking. You can learn more about workshops for teams here.

Do you do pro-bono visual note-taking work?

We are currently offering pro-bono visual notes for black-owned businesses and nonprofits that fight for racial justice. You can learn more about the initiative and apply here.

Would digital or analog visual notes be better for my event?

Our team will work with you to select the best option for your event. Sometimes, it’s both!

Digital visual notes are great for events with big audiences because your AV team can project them large enough for everyone to experience. Digital visual notes are also useful for smaller brainstorming sessions with a lot of ideation and evolving thoughts, or for events where you’ll want your artist to be more mobile between groups or rooms.

Analog visual notes are ideal when you want a more tangible experience–nothing beats seeing one of our artists draw what your audience is hearing, or interacting with the final display of artist boards after the sessions. Analog visual notes work best at the front near the speaker(s) so participants can see what’s being drawn.

you talk. we draw. it’s awesome.

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