How Does The Cloud Impact Your Business?

We’ve worked with Autodesk many times to visualize their internal processes. But this time, they wanted us to do something a little different–a trade show booth. We created live visual notes at Autodesk University, where we illustrated attendee answers to questions posed at various booths. Autodesk University is a learning community that connects many of today’s design and engineering experts from industries across architecture and construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and so much more.

Engaging audiences at trade show booths

Two Ink Factory artists supported the event over the span of three days. The first day, both artists supported the Pre-Conference, Forge DevCon. They both created live visual notes of several keynotes. The following days, the artists worked on engagement boards at two Autodesk trade show booths at the Expo hall.

At the Make AU booth, attendees were asked what they would make with new Autodesk technology that was showcased at the event. The Ink Factory artist drew alongside innovative new Autodesk-enabled machinery and captured answers to questions posed by booth associates. We work closely with your team to generate content-rich answers from your audiences when creating live engagement boards like these.

At the Forge AU booth, attendees answered: “How Does the Cloud Impact Your Business?” Visual notes are the best way to increase traffic to any booth. Autodesk associates at the booth were able to engage with participants after Ink Factory’s live drawing “drew” them in. The Forge booth was also filled with live visual notes from the ForgeDevcon pre-conference meeting for people to review, sparking conversation between booth associates and attendees.

The Cloud impacts businesses in many ways. From getting teams access to data no matter where they are in the world, to offering much more computing power, even to starting new biz conversations within an organization. How does it impact yours?

Did you miss the ForgeDevcon Keynote? Here's the tl;dr version, courtesy of @the_Ink_factory

Engage participants online and offline

Autodesk was also able to use photos of our visual notes as content for their social media streams live during the event. Social sharing was perfect for showing the entire conference how the visuals were developing, as well as increasing awareness of the Autodesk Forge and Make booths in the Expo hall.