Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Live visual note-taking

VIPs from all over Chicago gathered for a day of brainstorming on the future of Chicago’s global strategy with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. We were there to document the discussion surrounding engaging communities on global issues. Our artist created a panel full of visual notes capturing the key points throughout the day.

Attendees were broken into several groups, where different topics were discussed, and our artist milled around the tables, listening, and capturing content. Then, as the groups reported their discussions, we drew their feedback live on stage and captured several talks from guests who spoke at the event.

“The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization that provides insight – and influences the public discourse – on critical global issues. They convene leading global voices, conduct independent research, and engage the public to explore ideas that will shape our global future. The Council is committed to bringing clarity and offering solutions to issues that transcend borders and transform how people, businesses, and governments engage the world.”

Bring visual notes to your most important meetings.

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