Chicago Ideas Week

We’re proud to have been a sponsor of Chicago Ideas since the very beginning. For one week each October, Chicago Ideas brings together some of the world’s most outstanding speakers to present their ideas and inspire the innovations of tomorrow at 80+ sessions across the city of Chicago.

“Ink Factory provides an at-a-glance way to trigger all of the big ideas racing through your mind during any given event. It’s a powerful reminder to take action.”

Sona Jones, Director of Marketing & Media at chicago Ideas


From 2011-2018 we created visual notes of every single talk and conversation at Chicago Ideas. Talks from 60-90 minutes include topics like entrepreneurship, political issues, health, and innovation.

We draw live during each conversation, and then display the finished visual notes for audiences to photograph and view after the talk. Digital versions of each talk are then shared on Twitter and Instagram, so Chicago Ideas fans who can’t make it to every talk can still get a beautiful visual recap.