Chicago Theological Seminary

Live visual note-taking & living mural

Chicago Theological Seminary needed an authentic, sensitive, and visual way to bring important discussions to life in real-time. We created a living mural for their event honoring the march on Selma, 50 years later as well as their annual RIOTcon.

“The entire Ink Factory team is easy to work with in coordinating details and never fail to prepare and follow-through, making our event team very happy!”

Susan Mooney Cusick, Director of Marketing


Living murals are a combination of live visual notes from the day’s talks, as well as pre-populated and edited content with more refined visuals. Our living murals are a great way to fill an event space in a dramatic and meaningful way – and they’re a perfect gathering place for discussion and ideation.

“We have them hanging throughout our building, inspiring ongoing conversation focused on our most important issues well past the actual conference.”

RIOTcon’s focus is on the history, organization, and tools for social justice movements. It’s always an incredible challenge to create visuals that appropriately address some of these difficult topics. Speakers included activists, educators, artists, and actors – it was an inspiring experience to be surrounded by such progressive and profound conversations.

For these two special gatherings, we created a combination of a living mural and real-time visual notes that spanned over 30 feet in length.