Daring Women

As a majority women-owned business, Ink Factory takes great pride in creating visual notes that empower women in fields they’ve been historically excluded from. We’ve had the privilege to support Seattle Business Magazine’s event, Daring Women, for several years, most recently with digital visual notes. Daring Women features the most fearless females in Seattle coming together to talk about innovation, growth, inspiration, and leadership.

“The artist did an incredible job at capturing the essence of every panel discussion and TedTalk.”

Kelsey Jones, Tiger Oak Media


At Daring Women, we created visual notes with markers one year, and then the next year, digitally, using a drawing tablet that was projected onto screens and then later shared on social media. Digital visual note-taking is a great way for larger audiences to see the visual notes being created from start to finish. Click through the gallery to see this difference in the final product between analog/marker visual note-taking and digital.

“The visual notes made it so easy for guests to follow along and become even more engaged with the content.”

Visual note-takers do not require prior knowledge of your industry or content to create visual notes. Our incredible active listening skills allowed our artist to listen to talks from women across many different industries and seamlessly illustrate their shared stories. Our artists can adapt to a variety of formats as well–Daring Women featured both talks from executives and panel discussions, both of which are perfect for documenting with visual notes.

“Truly brought our event to the next level.
Highly, HIGHLY recommend!”

The day concluded with a Power Hour cocktail party, where the visual notes were on display to spark conversation and build authentic connections as a community of Daring Women.