We worked with Finseca (previously AALU and GAMA) for three of their Beacon 2020 virtual events this year to create live virtual visual notes.

They had previously worked with us in 2019 for an on-site event with great success, sending out the visual notes as recaps after their conferences. 

With their in-person conferences canceled, the Finseca team went about creating a virtual experience for their Beacon membership. Ink Factory was an easy choice for their new virtual event experience because our visual notes help attendees learn and remember information more effectively.

“We’re learning that there is a lot of need for visuals in this virtual world.” 

Courtney Mesmer, VP, Member Learning and Experience at Finseca


Finseca found that having another way of displaying their content actually extended the life and value of their content in the minds of their members. 

When it came to planning a virtual event, Finseca said, “It was very easy to work with Ink Factory. You made it an easy, seamless process.” Our virtual visual notes are flexible. They can be projected on a screen as the artist draws. Or, they can be hidden and sent out after the conference in an email or on social.

“People don’t learn just from a 60-minute session, so we really wanted to have those visual notes to send out as a recap of what they just heard.”

To send their members a visual recap,  Finseca’s team included the visual notes in an email after their event. They found that including the visual notes increased click-through rate compared to their emails that didn’t contain the visual notes.

Finseca also found that visual notes were great for promoting their brand. Their members shared the visual notes with their offices and coworkers–sharing the name and brand of Finseca along the way.

“It’s a great opportunity for sponsors to reach participants in a different format, and increases the longevity of that sponsorship past the event dates.”

Finseca also had a sponsor for their visual notes–a great way to make up for the lack of in-person sponsorship opportunities. Prominently featuring the sponsor’s logo on the visual notes was a great way for their sponsor to reach their audience in a unique and eye-catching way.