National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care

The National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care (NIC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support access and choice for America’s seniors by providing data, analytics, and connections that bring together investors and providers.

Achieving that mission is no easy feat, but a major way NIC brings investors and providers together is at their bi-annual NIC conferences, which Ink Factory has been a part of for many years.

The NIC conference schedules are jam-packed with keynotes, panel discussions, hackathons, and more, and Ink Factory captures it all. We always work closely with our clients to recommend the best way to capture as much content as possible. Luckily, since our artists are expert listeners, we don’t need to be prepped on actual content ahead of time. If we have your agenda, we can plan an event’s graphic recordings from start to finish.

“Ink Factory was very helpful to ensure we had a process and plan in place before we got to the conference. Very organized, and helped us keep the ball moving.”

Debbie Cohen, Program Content & Speaker Relations


We also strive to be the last thing on our client’s mind on the day of their event. Debbie, our client from NIC, had this to say: “We work with so many different vendors–Ink Factory was very refreshing. The artists are so well prepared in advance that when it came time to visualize the discussions, I could be very hands-off, and I felt good that they would find me if they needed me. They worked seamlessly, flowing from one session to the next.”

Every year onsite, the graphic recordings are combined together and displayed as a large wall in high-traffic areas. Attendees gather in groups between sessions to snap a picture from every angle. Having the boards visible between sessions allow attendees to take a breath between the fast-paced conference activities and further digest NIC’s content from a high level-recap.

“I’m amazed that the artist was very succinctly and accurately able to capture, through a visual, what we were trying to get across.”

NIC’s graphic recording services are actually paid for by sponsors of the event. In the same way conferences have sponsors pay for wifi or cocktail hours in exchange for publicity, we create signage featuring the sponsor of that year’s graphic recordings.

“Our sponsors like having that intention–it’s a great benefit to our business partners to put their brand and logo on the graphic recordings.”

NIC also takes advantage of the digital version of the graphic recordings that we provide. They know that speakers, in particular, look out for the notes when the event ends. NIC put a link to download all the notes from the conference on their site, and then sent an email to their attendee and speaker list letting them know the notes were available. Having the graphic recordings available to download is a great way to drive traffic to a site even after the event is over.