Social Jack Webinars

Virtual Visual Notes for Webinars

In a world that’s speedily becoming oversaturated with virtual meetings, events, and webinars, how do you create an engaging and meaningful online experience for your attendees? Ink Factory creates visual notes remotely–an offering we call our virtual visual notes. We created visual notes two of Social Jack and Shane Barker’s 45-minute webinars, adding visual interest, and heightening viewer engagement.

“Ink Factory’s live visual notes WOWED us and our audience. I couldn’t believe the artist was drawing all our content on the spot!”

SHANE BARKER, digital media strategist


We connected with Social Jack through Zoom’s webinar platform. Our artist shared their screen so the audience could see the visual notes large, and the speaker’s camera feeds were off to the side of the webinar. Then, using an iPad, our artist’s drawings were shown live to the webinar audience. Click here to watch the full webinar recording on Youtube.

“The visual notes were a great asset to share on social media to keep people talking about our webinar.”

Dean DeLisle, Social Jack founder & CEO


Social Jack liked our visual notes so much, they had us visualize a recorded webinar that had already happened. Visual notes don’t have to be drawn live at the time of the event–if your webinar is recorded, we can visualize it afterward. They used the visual notes as a way to re-share the webinar on social and increase interest in it.

“It was super easy to integrate the visual notes into our online webinar platform.”

Dean DeLisle


Virtual visual notes work much like our analog visual notes. The only content we need ahead of time is an agenda, and we can create one board or many, depending on your meeting or event. Visual notes can work well for both virtual webinars or meetings, and they work on most platforms with a screen sharing feature.