For Zappi’s Virtual Insight Summit 2.0, their 2nd ever annual virtual conference, they wanted to bring something new and different to the market research space.

To start, they eliminated the traditional webinar-style PowerPoint presentation and swapped them for live virtual visual notes. That way participants could listen or watch and still stay engaged with the content.

The Goal

Ariel Madway is the Senior Manager of Community Engagement at Zappi, and her goals for the Virtual Insight Summit were to bring people together, build community, opportunity to interact with each other, and have a tangible and information-packed takeaway to take back to work with them.

With past virtual event experience under their belt, Zappi knew that virtual events have a lot more room for creativity. Presenters have to break out of the virtual formula if they want to keep their audience engaged–and visual notes helped them do just that.

“Working with you all was amazing and it’s so fun to repurpose the work.”

Ariel Madway, Senior Manager of Community Engagement at Zappi


The Outcome

Zappi chose to go with one artist drawing live on screen while their presenters chatted–that way their audience could see the visual being drawn in real-time, and connect their key points in the visuals to what was being said.

Ariel at Zappi also knew that attendees are super tired of staring at their screens for virtual events. That meant that sharing content post-event was key to achieving Zappi’s goals for the Summit. Sharing their top event takeaways and visual notes in the form of newsletters and blogs was the perfect way to make the most out of their investment in both the notes and the event.

“Ariana did a really good job of picking up on our main points, what was important, and how things actually wove together.”

Learning Something Tangible: A Mini Workshop

Zappi hosted an interactive workshop that taught attendees how to create a visual to-do list. Under the guidance of Ink Factory CEO Dusty Folwarczny, participants practiced handwriting, visual hierarchy and drawing icons. After the workshop, everyone received a digital guide to make it easy to put these visual communication concepts into practice at home and at work.