What is Graphic Recording? – Our Methodology, Animated

What better way is there to explain what we do than with what we do? We created this series of four graphic recording style animations to answer common questions related to our field – what exactly is graphic recording (aka visual note-taking)? Why should I use it? Who else uses it? And how the heck do you guys do it?

All the artists at Ink Factory collaborated to bring these visuals to life – from writing, to sketching, to animating. We’re excited to finally share them with you on our new website, where they’ll have a permanent home in the “Methodology” section.


What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is the skill of listening, synthesizing, and translating the spoken word into a visual language in real time.

Why use Graphic Recording?

Information is important, but remembering and comprehending information is more important. Our visuals increase data retention, build group genius, and pique interest and engagement to promote better understanding of content.

Who uses Graphic Recording?

Foreign governments, ad agencies, start-ups, non-profits, educators, corporations and global conferences partner with Ink Factory to present, brainstorm, strategize and discover using the visual language.

How do we Graphic Record?

By actively listening, we organize information into hand drawn visuals and text in a large format at the front of a room. A graphic recorder always has content, color, composition, type and scale in mind when graphic recording.

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