Our Visual Note-Taking Workshop Revolutionizes Boring Meetings

We’re on a mission to revolutionize your boring monthly meeting into a useful, engaging and fun gathering of creative thinkers and communicators. At Ink Factory, we’re experts in using our visual language to get ideas across to companies, employees, students and customers.

A team practices visual notes in one of Ink Factory's workshops in Chicago

Visuals are a universal language – that’s why we work for so many different types of companies and so many different industries.

And drawing is proven to help you better remember and process information. A study from 2011 found that a group who drew during a monitoring task recalled 29 percent more information than the non-drawers (source).

While we are a team of artists here at Ink Factory, communicating visually isn’t about being great at drawing. Visual note-taking is all about listening, filtering, and synthesizing content into a visual that is beneficial to you and your team.

People practice their handwriting and drawing skills during a Visual Note-Taking workshop

Participants focus on drawing letters (rather than writing them) using different types of markers during a workshop

When you start taking visual notes, you go beyond merely regurgitating information, and instead process and reframe it in your own visual language.

In a study completed by Princeton and UCLA, professors discovered that students who took handwritten notes did significantly better on a factual recall and conceptual learning test than students who took notes by transcribing the lectures on their laptops (source).

Our workshops are for all kinds of teams (of any age and in any industry). We will lead you through the foundations of taking visual notes – listening, composition, visuals, handwriting, color and more. And we have some fun while doing it! After the workshop, post your work to social media with the hashtag #ThinkLikeInk to share and get feedback – and follow us for blog posts with tips and exercises to improve your visual note-taking skills.

A student at an Ink Factory graphic recording workshop draws on the wall as she listens to a talk

Participants create multiple live visual notes while they listen to talks on various subjects

Still feeling intimidated to draw in front of people…live? We break drawing down into it’s simplest forms and show you how circles and squares can act as visual metaphors for just about anything. You’ll even get hands-on experience creating live visual notes with feedback from our team. Don’t worry, we don’t bite!

“My thanks to the Ink Factory team for a very stimulating, enjoyable and informative workshop.”

Steven E. Rothke, Northwestern University

“I simply wanted to say thank you for providing this once in a lifetime experience for our Web with a Twist teens at Ink Factory! It’s an understatement to say they had a blast. We sincerely appreciate you and your team for making them feel welcomed.”

Randiss Hopkins, After School Matters

Being able to communicate to your team through visual notes means you’ll be able to present your ideas more succinctly and engage your team members more effectively. Turns out a picture really is worth a thousand words. Ready to pick up a marker and learn? Get in touch about a custom workshop or subscribe to be notified of upcoming workshops.

An Ink Factory artist demonstrates live drawing (Visual Note-Taking) on a whiteboard during a workshop