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Want to learn how to take visual notes?

We've got workshops ranging from the basics to learning how to implement visual communication into your life and at work. Working professionals, educators, students, and all visual thinkers will find it easy to communicate with our visual language. There are two ways to learn:

Public workshops on-demand
Private workshops

Learn Visual Note-Taking on Skillshare

Our newest course is now on Skillshare! Learn exactly how we create visual notes from start to finish, as we walk you through the process of creating YOUR first visual note and how you can incorporate those skills into your everyday life!

In this class, anyone can learn the basics of visual note-taking, which is the skill of organizing and capturing information through hand-drawn images and text in real-time.

Your first month of Skillshare is free!

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Our most popular workshops
Learn how to take visual notes just like Ink Factory’s artists on-demand! View recordings of our past workshops on your schedule.

Visual Note-Taking 101

Great for new drawers who want to go all-in on learning visual note-taking.


Lettering & Handwriting for Live Visual Notes

Learn the basics of fast & neat handwriting, hand lettering.

Visualize Your 2021 Goals

A guided journey for non-drawers to create their first visual strategy map.

Host a Custom Workshop

We'll work with your organization to design a 1, 3, or full-day workshop in-person or online that is tailored to your team's needs. Improve how you communicate at work, spark inspiration and ideation and learn to think through problems visually.

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The Visual Thinking Sketchbook

The artists at Ink Factory have designed their PERFECT sketchbook for small format visual note-taking (aka sketchnoting). Featuring 20 pro-tips from our artists, practice pages, and more!

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Icon Packs

Digital downloadable worksheets, containing 30 of our favorite hand-drawn icons for visual note-taking.
Learn to draw the icons yourself with a handy step-by-step drawing guide, or use them as an icon set for presentation slides, documents, teaching materials, and more.


"This was my favorite workshop EVER. Everything was great and you guys were able to keep my attention all day. That never happens."

Visual Note-Taking 101 Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

What workshops do you offer?

Our custom workshops are based on your desired time frame. We can do a super quick one-hour overview, a partial day, full-day, or multiple days. Longer workshops include deeper dives into exercises and one-on-one feedback. We also offer public workshops that you can sign up for throughout the year.

Where are the workshops located?

We can host the workshop virtually over Zoom, in our inspirational Chicago studio (with wall-to-wall whiteboards!), travel to you, or work with you to find the perfect venue.

What’s included in the workshop?

Our workshops all include an instructor who is an expert in the field of visual note-taking. The instructor will cover the fundamentals of visual note-taking through hands-on exercises and give feedback to participants on their work as they layer on new skills. We also offer an Ink Factory sketchbook as an optional add-on for each participant to take home after the workshop.

Want to learn more about visual note-taking workshops?