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Visual note workshops improve the way you learn and communicate


Why take a visual notes workshop?


People drawn in pop colors as a teamStronger Teams

Strengthening communication and learning new skills will bring your people together.

Better Communication

Communicating to others visually means they’ll better understand and remember what you’re telling them.

Smarter You

Taking visual notes will help you process and understand information, supporting life-long learning.

Upcoming Online Workshops


August 8 or 14 | Online

Visual Note-Taking for (Virtual) Meetings

This 3-hour workshop will cover composition, handwriting, listening, and basic visuals for visual note-taking, and how you should apply that to taking notes in meetings.




August 19 | Online

Organizing Your Visual Notes: Composition

Do you struggle with the layout of your visual notes? What points and visuals go where? Why are some things we capture larger than others? Let us demystify how we arrange our notes into clear compositions in this 90-minute mini-workshop.




September 14-15 | Online

Visual Note-Taking 101

Our online full-day workshop is a visual note-taking bootcamp in six hours over two days. We cover the fundamental skills our artists have practiced and perfected to take your visual note-taking to the next level.




September 21 | Online

Color for Visual Notes: Organization & More

Many people often find color overwhelming, and there’s a myriad of ways it can become overly confusing and complex. Join an Ink Factory artist for a 90-minute workshop on our best practices for incorporating color into your notes.



Visual note-taking workshop testimonials

"It was a shot of creativity that has inspired me to communicate in a new way. I recommend it to anyone!"
Anna Transue, Marketing Coordinator at Texas A&M University
A student practices hand lettering in a visual note workshop

Custom Visual Note Workshops

For Organizations

Host a Custom Workshop

We'll work with your organization to design a 1, 3, or full-day workshop in-person or online that is tailored to your team's needs. Improve how you communicate at work, spark inspiration and ideation and learn to think through problems visually.


Participants holding up their collaborative drawings in a visual note workshop

What you'll learn in our visual note workshop

Our industry experts will teach you the building blocks of visual communication.

Listening and Filtering are taught in visual note workshop by Ink Factory
Listening & filtering
Visual note workshops teach you the fundamentals of organizing ideas
Organizing ideas
Visual note-taking workshops teach you the visual language
Visual Language
Drawing live
Drawing Live
Ink Factory's visual note workshop teaches you better handwriting
Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of workshops do you offer?

Our custom workshops are based on your desired time frame. We can do a super quick one-hour overview, a partial day, full-day, or multiple days. Longer workshops include deeper dives into exercises and one-on-one feedback. We also offer public workshops that you can sign up for throughout the year.

Where are the workshops located?

We can host the workshop virtually over Zoom, in our inspirational Chicago studio (with wall-to-wall whiteboards!), travel to you, or work with you to find the perfect venue.

What’s included in the workshop?

Our workshops all include an instructor who is an expert in the field of visual note-taking. The instructor will cover the fundamentals of visual note-taking through hands-on exercises and give feedback to participants on their work as they layer on new skills. We also offer an Ink Factory sketchbook as an optional add-on for each participant to take home after the workshop.

Want to learn more about visual note-taking workshops?

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