Graphic recording training taking place at Ink Factory Studio

Graphic recording training for teams

Graphic recording, aka visual note-taking, teaches your team to think, communicate, and problem-solve like an artist. Our professional visual note-takers can join your team in person or virtually for a private, custom graphic recording training.

Gain invaluable communication skills like active listening, and learn to present your ideas goals, and strategies using crystal clear visuals.

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What visual workshops can do for your team

Build your team's communication skills


Promote active listening & understanding

Keep people engaged in meetings

Create clear, visual goals and strategies

Visuals are for everyone

The universal language of visuals (which we use in graphic recording and visual note-taking) helps people think and communicate. Since 65% of people learn better visually, we create workshops that work for everyone–young, old, left-brained and right-brained.

We teach workshops at universities, large corporations, and non-profits. If you want to learn, we’re ready to meet you where you are, no matter your skill level.

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