Intro to Graphic Facilitation Training

Our newest course is now on Skillshare! Learn exactly how we create visual notes (our version of graphic facilitation) from start to finish, as we walk you through the process of creating YOUR first visual note and how you can incorporate those skills into your everyday life.

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How does it work?

Learning the basics of visual notes (the skill of organizing and capturing information through hand-drawn images and text in real-time) is the first step towards mastering graphic facilitation. Visual note-takers Wallis and Sarah will take you step-by-step through the fundamental skills of visual note-taking to create a final project.

You’ll get one-on-one feedback from them in the interactive Skillshare platform. Because this class is an overview of the fundamentals of visual notes, you will hear similar themes and exercises hit on if you’ve taken our 101 workshop.

Since this workshop is hosted on Skillshare, it's FREE when you sign up for your first month!

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The Visual Thinking Sketchbook

After many years in the making, our PERFECT sketchbook for small format visual note-taking (aka sketch-noting) is available to purchase. The Visual Thinking Sketchbook is designed by Ink Factory artists and manufactured by a woman-owned business in California. It's the perfect companion for our online workshops.

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"It was fast, easy, and helped me realize the importance of visual vocabulary and how we can all visually communicate."

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