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$59 $44 | Recording

Visualize Your 2021 Goals

Got big plans for 2021? Set yourself up for success with the power of visuals. A visual note-taker from Ink Factory will walk you through some simple visual goal setting strategies to help you focus your plans and stay inspired.

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$59 $44 | Recording

Lettering & Handwriting for Live Visual Notes

In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll teach you the basics of fast & neat handwriting, hand lettering, and how we incorporate that into live visual note-taking.




$59 $44 | Recording

Color for Visual Notes: Organization & More

Many people often find color overwhelming, and there’s a myriad of ways it can become overly confusing and complex. Join an Ink Factory artist for a 90-minute workshop on our best practices for incorporating color into your notes.

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$59 $44 | Recording

Drawing for Visual Notes: Your Visual Library

In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll show you how to draw the staple visuals that we use the most often for visual note-taking, as well as how to come up with original visuals in-the-moment.




$199 $149 | Recording

Visual Note-Taking for (Virtual) Meetings

This 3-hour workshop will cover composition, handwriting, listening, and basic visuals for visual note-taking, and how you should apply that to taking notes in meetings.




$59 $44 | Recording

Organizing Your Visual Notes: Composition

Do you struggle with the layout of your visual notes? What points and visuals go where? Why are some things we capture larger than others? Let us demystify how we arrange our notes into clear compositions in this 90-minute workshop.




$499 $347 | Recording

Visual Note-Taking 101

Our online full-day workshop is a visual note-taking bootcamp in six hours over two days. We cover the fundamental skills our artists have practiced and perfected to take your visual note-taking to the next level.

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$59 $44 | Recording

Brainstorming for Visual Notes: Composition 101

What goes where when you're taking visual notes? Learn how we arrange our notes into clear compositions for brainstorming sessions in this 90-minute workshop.




Who should take a graphic facilitation training workshop?


Working professionals

Working Professionals

People who want to make sure their ideas are heard and improve the way their teams think and communicate.

Students and Teachers

Students and Teachers

People who want to learn or teach others how to take better notes and think through or explain difficult concepts with visual techniques.

Visual Thinkers

 Visual thinkers

Anyone who is curious about the power of visual note-taking and wants to dive in and explore!


 "It was a shot of creativity that inspired me to communicate in a new way."


Anna Transue, Marketing Coordinator


An Ink Factory artist demonstrates what's possible after graphic facilitation training



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