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Want to develop your visual communication and note-taking skills? You can purchase a recording of one of our past virtual workshops to stream and follow along with our live participants.

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$499 $374 | 6 hours

Visual Note-Taking 101

The perfect workshop for new drawers who want to go all-in on learning visual note-taking. All our fundamentals of visual note-taking in one workshop.



Dive into Visual Note-Taking

Our most popular workshop is Visual Note-Taking 101: a visual note-taking bootcamp in six hours, and over two sessions. We cover the fundamental skills our artists have practiced and perfected to take your visual note-taking to the next level.

Visual Note-Taking 101 includes content from all four of our fundamental skills workshops in one.

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The Visual Thinking Sketchbook

Get the perfect companion to our on-demand workshops! The Visual Thinking Sketchbook is designed by Ink Factory artists and manufactured by a woman-owned business in California.

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Visual Thinking & Communication

These workshops are built for new drawers and anyone who wants to increase their use of simple, visual communication skills. These workshops will help you work, think, and communicate better.

Select workshops are now 25% off their original price! No discount code needed.

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

$499 $149 | 3 hours

Visual Notes for (Virtual) Meetings

Learn basic note-taking skills and how to apply those to brainstorming, informative, and strategy meetings.



$59 $49 | 90 minutes

Visualize your Goals

Create a strategic visual plan from start to finish using Ink Factory's visual methodology



$59 $49 | 90 minutes

Visual Notes for Brainstorming

Learn how we arrange our notes into clear compositions during brainstorming sessions.



$499 $374 | 6 hours

Visual Note-Taking 101

The perfect workshop for new drawers who want to go all-in on learning visual note-taking.



Fundamental Skills
Not ready to commit to the full 101 workshop? You can still learn (or practice) the fundamental skills of visual note-taking with these mini, skill-focused workshops.
Skill Level: Beginner

$59 | 90 minutes


Learn how to draw the visuals we use the most often, and how to come up with your own library on the spot.



$59 $49 | 90 minutes


Learn the basics of clean handwriting, lettering, and how we incorporate it into live visual note-taking.



$59 $49 | 90 minutes


Learn basic color concepts, plus our best practices for using color to organize your notes.



$59 $49 | 90 minutes


Confused about what goes where? Learn our easy methods for creating clearly organized visual notes.



"It was fast, easy, and helped me realize the importance of visual vocabulary and how we can all visually communicate."

Participant from Visual Notes for Brainstorming

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