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Visual Note-Taking 101


Visual Note-Taking 101

6 hours | Online | September 14-15th, 2020

Our full-day workshop is a visual note-taking bootcamp in six hours. We run the gamut of skills our artists have practiced and perfected to take your visual note-taking to the next level. You'll have enough time to practice with each topic, ask questions from industry pros, and try your hand at real-time visual note-taking.

This is a jumping-off point for implementing the visual language in your day to day life! New and more experienced visual practitioners are welcome.

This workshop will take place over two sessions:

  • Monday, September 14th, 9 am-12 pm CST
  • Tuesday, September 15th, 1 pm-4 pm CST

We’ll be recording both sessions of the workshop, so If you cannot attend the 2nd session, you can watch it at a later date.

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Who should take visual note-taking 101?


Working professionals

Working Professionals

People who want to make sure their ideas are heard and improve the way their teams think and communicate.

Students and Teachers

Students and Teachers

People who want to learn or teach others how to take better notes and think through or explain difficult concepts with visual techniques.

Visual Thinkers

 Visual thinkers

Anyone who is curious about the power of visual note-taking and wants to dive in and explore!

A photograph of visuals from a graphic facilitation training workshop

What you'll learn

Two Ink Factory team members will take you through...


HistoryThe rich history of the visual language

ToolsHow to use different tools and materials

HandwritingEasy ways to improve your handwriting

Organizing IdeasThe basics of organizing ideas visually

TypographyHow to identify the elements of design in visual notes

Live drawingHow to draw live visual notes

Visual note-taking masteryHow to start mastering visual note-taking techniques

Visual LibraryHow to start developing your own visual library


A participant draws in their sketchbook

Virtual Workshop

This workshop will be taking place on Zoom. Please make sure you are able to use Zoom before buying a ticket. We’ll be sending out meeting details, registration information, and passwords about a week before the workshop, so please make sure you are able to receive emails from and

Can't attend live? Purchase the recording

If you aren’t able to attend the live workshop due to time constraints, you can purchase a recording of the workshop that will be available for you to view for up to 2 months. The recording will not be available to download or share.

To purchase a recording for $499, please email Do not purchase a ticket to the workshop if you do not wish to attend live.

Live attendees will also receive a recording of the workshop that they can view up to 2 months after the workshop date.


We’ll be teaching this workshop with accessible materials in mind.

Something to draw on:

  • Can be a sketchbook, or loose paper, but make sure you have a lot of blank pages to work with.
  • The bigger, the better, but make sure your page is at least 8.5"x11.”

Black markers to write with:


  • Correction tape
  • Color markers that won’t bleed when used with your black markers (one light color, one medium color, and one dark color are suggested).

Dry-erase boards will work well in place of paper, but make sure you have enough makers with plenty of ink.

If you have experience with and want to use a drawing tablet, you are welcome to, but know that it may be more difficult for you to share your work out with the group unless you have an easy way to screen share from your device. We won’t be speaking about how to draw with or use a tablet.


You may request a full refund for the workshop up to 7 days before the date of the workshop. Please keep in mind that our payment processing company keeps a non-refundable fee of $15.42 for selling tickets, and that amount is not refundable. Tickets purchased are not transferable to other workshops.

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